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Billing Solutions

3G Solutions has designed billing application truly compatible for all kinds of invoicing in business. The invoicing module has direct linkage with the sales force automation module tracking the entry of a single opportunity to be turned into an invoice. Through this module duplication of work is ruled out and accuracy of data is secured. It captures all the sales orders coming in and processed through the approval cycle before finally being invoiced.

Depending on the extensiveness of client contact and the need for speedy calculation of opportunities being turned into invoice, the application can prove extremely helpful for big companies with an eye on a larger share of the industry. The package opens the path for better time management given its comprehensive applicability. The version is very much user -friendly.

The top class database and collaborative interface provided by our application makes easy for the managers as well as general employees the access to important data online and offline. This creates the decisive difference between so called moderate efficiency and high level of expertise. The functional ease and flexibility and its usefulness in handling product and customer databases makes it the indispensable item in the modern business environment along with the facility of print invoices and emails with ease.

The main aim of developing this ready to use module is to decrease the time for processing of order and paperwork as much as possible and increasing the time available for marketing and addressing customer satisfaction. With this application, Invoicing will become effortless as never before. The application is specially tailored for the needs of the organizations with impact in the global industry. The use of invoicing module rules out all kinds of mismanagement in this area reducing customer grievances to a minimum and paving the way for company's profit through efficient time management. The application is truly suited for the twenty first century organization where mediocrity is an outdated idea and excellence in every sphere is the watchword.